Optivus views talent acquisition as a vital strategic business function which is often difficult for small to medium businesses to run in-house. It encompasses:

  • talent procurement - sourcing tactics, and candidate assessment
  • organizational talent forecasting
  • talent pipelining
  • strategic talent assessment and development
  • compliance and hiring standards
  • employment branding practices
  • corporate hiring initiatives
  • post-hire talent issues
Having Optivus as your HR partner will enable you to hire the most appropriate candidates to meet your project requirements and achieve your company goals.

Optivus Talent acquisition

Optivus delivers Organisational Development (OD) that creates continuous improvement, empowering both leaders and employees. OD facilitates change, enhancing the quality and speed of decisions thus allowing organisations to adapt to complex, rapidly changing, business environments.

Typical OD activities include:
  • team building
  • organisational assessments
  • career development
  • training
  • learning and development
  • coaching
  • leadership development
  • change management.
Business benefits include increased:

  • customer satisfaction
  • product and service quality
  • profits and innovation
  • morale
  • cost effectiveness
  • organisational flexibility
  • leadership development
  • job, work, and life satisfaction
Optivus Organisational development

Optivus believes that effective Performance Management improves organisational, functional, team and individual performances while measuring progress towards the achievement of business objectives.

Performance Management incorporates:

  • job design
  • recruitment and selection
  • training and development
  • developing and communicating performance objectives and standards
  • disciplinary procedures and counselling
  • career planning
  • compensation and benefits
  • performance appraisals
Optivus can assist you to review, evaluate and measure your performance to achieve your strategic objectives and meet stakeholder needs, thus ensuring future growth and a positive impact on your bottom line.

Optivus, through its systematic and proactive recruitment and selection strategies, offers you the greatest opportunity of hiring the best people for your organisation; candidates who not only possess the best qualifications, experience and skill sets but who are also best suited to your organisational culture.

In today’s competitive business environment, finding the right people for your business is crucial to your company’s success.

An effective recruitment strategy can help prevent any:

  • business disruption
  • reduced productivity
  • interpersonal difficulties
  • interruptions to operations and poor customer service

To increase the competitiveness, productivity, efficiency and profitability of your organisation you need employees whose skills and knowledge fulfil your strategic and operational objectives. A commitment to learning and development is essential to ensure ongoing competitiveness, and adaptability.

Optivus, as your HR partner, can conduct Learning and Development needs analyses to determine which development activities including induction, on-the-job training, coaching, mentoring, internal and external courses and workshops, and compliance training are most suited to your business objectives. Optivus then prioritises programs in terms of their potential impact on your organisational effectiveness and profitability.

HR Strategy and Planning is a critical part of your organisation’s success. All initiatives must further your overall strategies and goals.

Optivus can help with:

  • Workforce Planning, to attract, retain and develop a workforce to meet your current and future needs.
  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Retention Strategies to reduce expensive staff turnover and loss of organisational knowledge.
  • Strategic Human Resource Management to develop a confident, skilled workforce able to harness synergies to work towards your organisation’s goals.
  • HR Outsourcing to cost-effectively use contractors to fill short-term expertise deficits

Need to assess if your organisations HR strategy is working effectively? Developing the right HR metrics for your organisation that support long-term performance can be difficult. Optivus can provide insight through the development of key metrics that are aligned with organisational goals.

Optivus develops HR Metrics that allow managers to evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation, it's people and management.

HR Metrics provide the tools to;

  • Identify meaningful measures of HR performance in the context of the organisation
  • Clarify the role of measurement, assessment and evaluation within an aligned HR function
  • Enhance decision-making and direction-setting through effective use of measures, assessment and evaluation.

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